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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pull a blank. I dare you.

Well, second post of my blog. Not really much to talk about here, since all I did this weekend was sit around and play games. Although on friday I DID drop off my resume, so hopefully I'll get a job sooner or later. Also, school's computer lab = freezer. I think I actually prefered it when it was too hot, rather than too cold.

Not really much to talk about, other than telling you guys to go check my last blog, and post bacon in its nest.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Roadside Abortion Photos... No.

School's on, I'm drawing again, and only three classes for the first semester. Last school year is starting great.

Anyways, onto the first post of the blog. Let's start it off with complaining, shall we?

On the way to the camping site I went to with a friend last weekend, there was this organization grouping along the sidewalk on the side of the road for about a kilometer of street, a person every ten feet holding up signs against abortions, showing picture after picture of gross aborted fetuses for the world to see, or at least for the people who rode along those roads. Pictures, like this (warning, goddamn nasty):

Now, I'm neutral on the case of abortions. I don't care what they do either way, it's a subject matter I'd rather not argue or get upset about. What I DO get upset about, however, were the people blatantly advertising these horrid pictures to the public and the people driving along.

I mean, there's KIDS in the cars passing by. How the hell are the parents gonna explain the pictures, if the kids aren't too upset about them, that is.

I mean, sure there were signs at the start saying "Warning: Abortions photos ahead." And the kids can just not look, but what about people with weak stomachs, and for that matter, the people who have to KEEP THEIR EYES ON THE ROAD. People don't want to see that crap!

I can understand people trying to make a shout-out to the community about abortions, but there's a limit to the method you're doing so.

Seriously, ugh... Anyways, Primee out for the evening.