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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wow, this holiday was different than usual.

Well, at least on my end it did. Even if you don't go trick-or-treating, being too old for it, normally you'd get candy from whatever, like the leftovers that weren't given out. But it's sort of annoying when your parents hide it from you for some damn reason or another. "We're saving it for next halloween." they say. Sure, if not for the damn candies EXPIRING by then.

ANYWAYS, enough of me complaining about not hyping myself up with mounds of sugar. Onto what I did instead, for halloween.

It was pretty laid back, I gotta say. I went home with a friend, and he watched me play Fallout 3 for a long while, when another friend came over later. Continued watching for a while, then I showed them FarCry 2, which they kept saying that it makes the other games look like complete failures that shouldn't even get acknowledged. I gotta agree with them, though. It's an amazing game, and there's no more genetic powers or crap like that. FarCry 2 is completely realistic, and completely different from the original series. It's even made by a different company! (FarCry series was made by Crytek, who moved onto bigger projects like Crysis, with FarCry 2 made by Ubisoft.)

Though enough of my rant.. we played games till about... hmm, midnight, where we then decided to walk to the local convenience store. So we do so, acting like idiots along the way, and grabbed a few energy drinks at the store as they were closing. We then walked around the neighbourhood acting like idiots again (and I gotta say, it's pretty deserted that late at night, even on Taunton and Brock, there's barely any cars), till about 3 am, where we walked back home.

We then played Rock Band at a volume reserved for concerts for a few hours, till about 5 am, where we then went back upstairs, and watched me play more Fallout 3. My friend went to bed an hour or so later, and the other fell asleep on the couch. I ended heading to bed at about 6:30 am.

However, I didn't get to sleep long, as I found my friends waking me up at 10 am. It was.. pretty weird. They were looming over me, nudging me to get up. But, they woke me up for a pretty weird reason.
"Chris, get up, we need a singer."
"We need a singer for Rock Band, now get up."
"Ffff.. alright, I guess.."
So I get up, walk to the basement, and fall asleep on one of the chairs for about 10 minutes, then grabbed the microphone and sang, as asked. THEN we went and got breakfast.

Not the type of Halloween I expected to have, but it was fun nonetheless. I still wish I had some candy, though..


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