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Friday, October 3, 2008

Lottery? For me?

No, not really. But it'd be nice to win the lottery at one point, even if I'm not the type to go out and buy tickets for the event, since I have little luck and barely win contests like that.

But let's pretend I did.

Knowing me, I'd probably go out and buy a crapload of gaming stuff, the obvious result with me. Something like all the best parts for a PC computer, along with an HDTV and surround sound. Either that, or I'd actually do the smart thing, depending on the sum of money I'd recieve, possibly putting about half of the winnings into a bank account to let interest increase it over time. I'd probably use the rest to get myself an apartment, condo, or possibly even a small house.

I've never really been inclined to learn how to drive, but I suppose I could try and give it a shot, just to actually have a car. Though, knowing me, I'd probably get a motorcycle instead, if I just wanted something to go places.

And hey, who knows, I'd probably invite a friend to come live with me, and even pay the rent for the both of us, if I end up just getting an apartment. It's all a matter of location, and the amount of money that I'd get from winning the lottery. Who knows what amount of stuff I'd be able to get with about 30 million $. It'd probably have me and my kids set for life.

Too bad I've only got 30.24$ to spend instead.


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