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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hate the game, not the player

Just another quiet night by myself at my computer, playing yet another game whilst using the 360 controller I bought specifically for PC gaming. The game I happened to be playing at that time was Assassin's Creed, which seems to be a love/hate game, from the opinions from people I've seen. Some people love the game, some despise it. I myself enjoy the game quite thoroughly, though this is possibly because I'm easy to please when it comes to games or such. Either way, during the middle of heading for a view point in the city of Jerusalem, something very unneeded happened.

You see, I run Assassin's Creed off of the program Steam, which acts as a gaming community thing. It allows me to chat to my friend while in-game, and find out what games they're currently playing by the game name being displayed under their screen name. So, as I was making my way from rooftop to rooftop, not one, but TWO new conversation window come up from two different people, both complaining, "What the hell are you doing playing that crappy game?" Of course, I then reply, explaining my point of view. "Well, I like the game, so... I suppose that's why." "How the hell could you like such a shitty game?" "I find it fun, and anyways it just depends on the person's opinion whether you like it or not." "Well if you have an opinion that you like it, then you're retarded."

Now, I respect people's opinions on games, and I won't bash them if they like a game or not, but that doesn't seem to be the situation for others, as anyone could obviously see as they enter the gaming universe. I usually ignore it, since I couldn't give a rat's ass whether they disagree with me that certain games are good or not. But what bothers me is when they continue to complain about a game for no real reason, or they flame the game or stupid little assumptions without even giving the game a chance. Another thing is when they claim a game is bad just because they didn't like it, and give no real facts to back up their claim.

I admit I will disagree with someone on certain games if they claim they're good, like Doom 64, or the Halo series. But, on the contrary, I actually have points to back up my claim, like how Doom 64 bastardized the Doom series by remodelling everything horribly, having bad level design, replacing the great rock soundtrack with boring ambient synth sounds. Halo, on the other hand, is a good game, but it does get boring and repetitive after a while. I found it near impossible to bring myself to play the original a second time. In my opinion, the cream-of-the-crop feature of the game relies in its great multiplayer.

I've probably proven to be a hypocrite in one or two sections of this text, but my point stands clear. Don't be an ass unless you have a reason to be. And another thing, is if you're going to complain about a game to me, don't do it while I'm playing the game. Because no one, especially not me, gives a two shits about your whining. You might as well just leave me be and bitch at yourself how bad the game is, since the only person who'll give a crap about what you have to say is yourself.

Another rant done, which I'm quite happy to say. And seriously, stop complaining about games to others like a dick if there's no reason.


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